About Madeline

Madeline brushes are handmade by a company that has been handcrafting brushes for well over 100 years.  Great care has been put into the design and production of Madeline, and we’ve made sure to use the best materials possible.

Madeline Tools for Painted Furniture

Our bristles are made with the highest quality 100% natural white bristle, and glued with deep set epoxy, and the long, full bristles are firm yet flexible for the smooth application of any furniture wax. The tapered hardwood handle is comfortable to hold for any size hand, big or small.  The beautiful steel ferrule is hand-nailed, and is solvent and rust proof.

Who is Madeline?

Madeline is fun & creative. She loves a touch of feminine flair, but at the same time can wield an electric sander like nobody's business. Madeline loves her home, and likes surrounding herself with pieces that are unique and original. She loves to paint and re-purpose furniture, and knows that having the right tools gets the job done faster, and also makes it a lot more enjoyable.






Madeline Natural Bristle Paint Brushes

Madeline was created for you and me. For those who appreciate handmade, quality tools for painted furniture. 

Madeline’s Beginnings
Madeline is the result of a collaboration between two women — a long-established paint brush maker and a passionate furniture painter. They brought their separate skills together to craft a handmade brush for the growing number of creative women (and men, too!) who are making their homes colourful and beautiful by upcycling, re-purposing and painting furniture.

Madeline brushes are now sold in select boutiques around Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia.